Advertise With Us

Looking for more information on advertising with 92.9 The Game, or have questions about your current ad schedule? If you know what you want, please contact Dave Ashburn by phone at 404-898-8977, email or you can fill out the form below if that’s easier.

How much does a commercial cost? 
A single commercial could cost as much as $400 during the times when most people are listening, and as little as $100 other times. It’s all based on how many people are listening at any one time. However, we would never sell you just one commercial, it just wouldn’t work. People need to hear things a couple times before messages sink in (just think of how many times you have to tell your kids to clean their room). We’d combine a series of commercials into a campaign based on your business needs and your budget.

What if I don’t have a big budget?
We can work with budgets of all sizes. When you think of radio, you think of the listeners that come to us to listen to our music, play our contests and listen to our on-air talent. But there are many other ways our listeners interact with us, and we could tie your marketing into one or more of those. They include our events, our website, our social media, our text club, our email club, our charitable tie-ins, contests, and others. Depending on your budget and your goals, we can connect you with the Game audience in many different ways.

What if I don’t have a radio commercial? 
We have staff that will write the script and then have one of our many voice talents record it for you. You can even have a copy of it to have on your site in case people didn’t get all the details and want to hear it again.

How do I know how much to invest?
We work with you up front to determine what kind of business increase you are looking for and work backward from there. Then we’ll measure the effectiveness at different points during the campaign, and we can adjust on the fly so that you never invest more than what you’ll get in return.

Now the real question is… how much does it really cost to advertise and what would I get?
Depending on your marketing budget here are a few examples of what you could get advertising with us! Just know – these are just examples, we can customize any plan to fit your marketing needs to deliver ROI for you!

For $3,500 you could get:

  • 1 week of advertising on 92.9 The Game
  • Inclusion in 2 Social Media posts


  • A banner ad on our website for 1 month
  • An online contest (this is a great way to build your database & give away a cool prize)
  • Inclusion in 4 social media posts

For $10,000 you could get:

  • Three (3) weeks of advertising on 92.9 The Game
  • 4 Social Media Posts
  • Premium banner ad on our website for 1 month

For $50,000 you could get:

  • Sponsorship of a signature 92.9 The Game event (Tailgate Fest, Falcons Game Day)
  • Sponsorship of the Atlanta Falcons radio broadcast
  • 10 Social Posts
  • Banner ad on our station website