2019 will be Vic Beasley's Career High

Fans gave up on Beasley but not the Falcons

Duane Walker
April 25, 2019 - 12:13 am

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Duane says it first, “Vic Beasley is going to have the biggest year of his life!” With the past season Beasley has had many fans asking, “Why would the Falcons pay him for a fifth year?”

Within a three-year span, Beasley lost a father, an uncle, and a brother. While suffering emotional pain he also suffered from a shoulder injury throughout the season. He was Dan Quinn’s first round pick and people had high expectations signing him for 4yrs $14.5million. He only missed two games in his career despite his physical injury.

How many thought he would get a 5th year option because of his season’s stats? Duane believes he will have the BEST season of his career being motivated not only by money but support. Beasley has the support of a brotherhood and since Dan Quinn is head of defense, he will be hands on with him during the season. Fans doubted him and wanted to give up on him but the Falcons did not. Duane says, “Beasley never complains or blames anyone else for what happened on the field.” He truly believes this will be his breakthrough for him to be a top paid player.