3 reasons why Freeman will be back with Falcons in 2019

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
October 17, 2018 - 11:21 am

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Rick and John talk about the latest injury to the Atlanta Falcons. This time it's running back Devonta Freeman.

The guys want to know if the Falcons got their money's worth from the running back. Rick understands that injuries happen and Freeman's body is breaking down because of his aggressive style of play. But Rick is not giving up on Freeman. 

John thinks they should have given Freeman a franchise tag, then deal with his contract. But thats not the Falcons way.

Freeman got paid and John thinks he deserved it, but the Falcons should have handled this differently. John wants to know if we have seen the last of Freeman in a Falcons uniform. Rick thinks he is done with the season, but not done with the team for three reasons:

  1. Franchise loyalty. Falcons were good to Freeman, despite the previous injuries and he should return that loyalty. 
  2. Money. If the Falcons let him go, they will owe Freeman $9 million. Rick thinks the Falcons will keep him to see if they can get production next season. 
  3. Rick says his "sweaquity" - which is the work that Freeman has put in and his leadership means he will be here post surgery. 

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