5 Biggest Falcons overreactions after loss to Vikings

Thomas Mott
September 11, 2019 - 12:32 am

Naturally, after a bad opening game loss like the Falcons had this past Sunday against Minnesota, people tend to overreact. This is understandably so, but after having a few days to look at the film and facts, Thomas Mott, Host of Ready or Mott, sifts through the overreactions to see if they are legitimate or too hot too early.

Overreaction 1 - “The offensive line is horrible and won’t get much better anytime soon.”  This is TRUE. The o-line is terrible. Thomas predicted this weeks ago, but no one wanted to listen. We knew that Kaleb McGary would struggle. We expected some growing pains from Chris Lindstrom. What we did not expect was Jake Matthews to struggle on the left side and for Lindstrom to break his foot. Here’s the problem: It’s not going to get better anytime soon. Offensive line cohesion can take months if not years. You have to get comfortable playing with the guy next to you. If it does get better, it could be Week 8 before we see the results.

Overreaction 2 - "Matt Ryan was really bad and has started his regression." FALSE. Yes, Matt Ryan had a bad day. However, his interceptions came with pressure in his face. Even the throw in the end zone had pressure. Most QBs can’t carve up defense when they are on their back. As Thomas said earlier, the O-line isn’t getting better anytime soon, so don’t expect Matty Ice to suddenly start carving people up. But know that this is not Matt’s fault. With protection he can be elite.

Overreaction 3 - "Dirk Koetter’s offense is terrible." FALSE. Listen, every offense goes into a game with a game plan. No offense is prepared to be down 21-0 in the blink of an eye. As much as you would like to still run the ball you can’t. And no running means no play action, which is a huge part of this offense. Let’s wait to judge Koetter’s offense until he's actually in the game after the first quarter.

Overreaction 4 - "Defense looked bad." TRUE. This is 100 percent true, and besides the offensive line, is the biggest concern from last Sunday. Dalvin Cook ran the ball at will. We all worried about the pass-rush the entire offseason and it seems like the Falcons forgot about stopping the run. Philadelphia has a great O-line and three great running backs. If Carson Wentz only has to throw the ball 20-25 times on Sunday, it’s going to be a blow out.

Overreaction 5 - "Dan Quinn’s seat has never been hotter." TRUE.  We can't and shouldn't blame Koetter just yet. But DQ is a different story. That defense was supposed to be his baby this offseason and it looked horrific. There was ZERO fight in this team down 21. This Sunday is probably the most important game in Quinn’s coaching career.

The Falcons kick off at home in Mercedes Benz Stadium, Sunday night at 8:20 p.m.