92-9 Fantasy: Kenyan [Drake], Do You Love Me?

Or should I trade you? What's your value???

Beau Johnson
October 09, 2018 - 5:02 pm
Kenyan Drake

© Aaron Doster | 2018 Oct 7


As we head into Week six of the 2018 Fantasy Football season, Beau Johnson and Brian Gebhardt would like to send out a friendly reminder: The season is almost halfway over! Most leagues only go through Week 13 of the NFL season. This means that after Week 7 of the NFL regular season, we will be in the back half of the fantasy football regular season!

With that being said, how are you doing?

Are you walking the halls with your chest poking out because you're 5-0 or 4-1? Or are you moping through the season because you're 1-4, or even worse 0-5??? If you aren't the former, but more of the latter, don't fret! Your season may not be over yet, but it's highly likely that you need to make some moves to get better.

Beau and Brian have a few players that have been hot as of late but will likely fall back to earth, and conversly, some players that you may want to look in to aquiring because a strong possibility of a good second half. We also have "Fantasy Football Fire & Ice" for Week 6 to help with some of your Week 6 lineup questions on "The Soon To Be Renamed Again Fantasy Football Podcast on 929thegame.com! (Episode 1, maybe?)