Christian Miller on Saban: 'it’s not all football with him'

Dukes & Bell
October 31, 2018 - 3:42 pm

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Alabama Linebacker Christian Miller joined Dukes & Bell and talked about how last season played out for him “It was difficult, it was the first game of the season, I had earned the starting job coming into the season so I just had to fight thru it come back at the end of the season and was able to help out, I learned a lot about myself.”

 Miller talked about the National Championship game and Tua Tagovailoa “We just had to keep on pressing, when they put Tua in we had the confidence in him, we we’re really happy Coach made a decision like that, and I was really proud of the way Jalen and Tua handle the situation.” Miller continued on Tua “I go against him everyday in practice, seeing the throws he makes, and he’s a great kid as well.”

When asked if Nick Saban has a lighter side “He does, it all depends, most of the time it’s all business which is what you want, it’s what makes him great, but he does have a funny side, on the plane he sits behind me and he will lean up and ask me what movie I’m watching, and how he needs to see it, it’s not all football with him.”

 Miller talked to the guys about what he sees in the LSU offense “I see a very dynamic offense, in the past they liked to run the ball downhill, which they still do but they like to do a lot of pre-snap movement now, they will throw a lot at you.” “It’s always going to be crazy when you go to Baton Rouge and play there at night, but we have to go play our best ball and ignore the outside noise.”