Atlanta Legends make their AAF debut after Super Bowl

Atlanta head coach Childress and offensive coordinator Michael Vick in studio

Wendy Adams
September 20, 2018 - 11:44 am
Atlanta Legends offensive coordinator Mike Vick

Entercom Atlanta / WZGC 92-9 The Game


After the NFL season ends, a new football league will emerge: The Alliance of American Football or the AAF.

Announced in March, the eight-team league will make it's debut in February 2019. Thursday, four teams revealed their team names and logos including Atlanta:

The Atlanta Legends will be led by Head Coach Brad Childress, and will also feature a name you may recognize here in town: Michael Vick. The former Atlanta Falcons quarterback will serve as the team's offensive coordintor.

Vick, along with Coach Childress joined the Morning Show on Thursday to talk about his new gig.

“It’s a great situation to be in. The timeframe works with my schedule  I’m still with Fox and this works for me. When I talked to Coach Childress and Andy Reid, they knew of my interest.”  

As far as what typr of offense the Legends will run: “I think it depends on the type of runners, catches and throwers you have,” said Childress, looking to adopt tendencies similar to what NFL teams are doing right now. 

Meanwhile, Vick looks to utilize some of his past experiences into this new career venture saying, “You just have to take advantage of a player’s strengths and help him with his weaknesses.”  

And still looking game ready, when asked if he still had a ‘desire’ to play, Vick made it clear that he’s done being a player; he’s transitioning into being a coach.

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