Championship Rounds: Boxing's Black Eye

Craig Carlos-Valentino
April 19, 2019 - 8:21 pm

The hiatus for Championship Rounds is over as ST and CCV are back to preview the latest going on in the boxing world.  This week the guys react to the big news of the June 1st fight between WBA, IBF, & WBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller being officially cancelled due to Miller failing a random drug test.  Miller tested positive for the banned substance GW1516.   He would later fail a second test for the same drug a few days later. 

On Wednesday of this week, Miller was denied his license to fight Joshua by the New York Boxing Commission so the fight with Joshua officially died. 

ST says this is a big punch in the face for the sport of boxing.

“It’s getting a little ridiculous what’s going on the last few years with these failed texts.  Not just in boxing, but MMA as well.  I’m over these failed tests.  We seriously need a zero tolerance policy to keep the integrity of the sport of boxing intact.”

With Joshua-Miller now being a no-go who should Joshua set his target on to fill in for Miller.  ST says there should be one and only one phone call made by Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn.

“Call Luis Ortiz.  That was the fight that Joshua should have been having on June 1st all along. That’s the biggest challenge to Joshua and his titles not named Wilder or Fury.”

The guys also look ahead to this weekend’s big fight in the big apple between undefeated WBO welterweight champion Terrence Crawford and Amir Khan.

Can Khan who is a live, but still heavy underdog shock the boxing world and upset one of boxing’s best in Crawford?  CCV thinks he has a slight chance albeit a slight one.

"The only way is if he's able to win the early rounds with his speed and boxing and then basically runs for the rest of the fight.  At the end of the day though I see Crawford dominating the fight and Khan's suspect chin working against him as it has in the past."

As always seems to be the case with the guys a Rocky quote seems to be ST’s best way to describe how he sees the fight going for Khan. 

“In the words of the greatest villain in the Rocky franchise Clubber Lang in Rocky III, Prediction…Pain?”

ST and CCV also give their latest Top 5 in pound for pound ratings.  Terrence Crawford?  Vaily Lomachenko?  Errol Spence?  Who do the guys have in their respective number 1 spot?   ST gives the Crawford the edge based on his dominance at 140 and strong overall resume.  CCV gives it to the Lomachenkeo who he refers to as a machine.

Championship Rounds also is back with their classic “Back in the Day” segment which focuses on looking back at an all-time great fight that took place 34 years ago this week.  A fight that easily had one of the greatest rounds in boxing history.  That would be round 1 of the epic Thomas Hearns and Marvin Hagler fight. 

The guys finish the show as they do every one they do (When they actually do it) with their Low blows segment.  CCV discusses why LeBron James really needs to just stay in his lane, while ST pays homage to a fallen friend in the best way he can think of.