Archer on containing Saints Thomas: keep him from having the big play

Dukes & Bell
September 21, 2018 - 5:51 pm

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Falcons Radio Analyst Dave Archer joined Dukes and Bell to talk about the Falcons-Saints game on Sunday, and talked about how to affect Drew Brees with pass rush “You have to get some interior push on Breeze, he’s a shorter QB, so if you get some interior push you make him throw the ball out of a hole, he had a game in Atlanta before where he threw four interceptions.”

When asked about how the Falcons Defense will cover Saints receiver Michael Thomas “In the two games last year he caught 14 passes so he’s going to get his catches, it will be interesting to see which side he lines up on, because we don’t match DB”s to receivers and you just want to keep him from having the big play.”