Are Braves using Greene, Melancon in right order?

Dukes & Bell
August 19, 2019 - 5:15 pm

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Paul Byrd joined Dukes & Bell to discuss Ronald Acuña Jr.’s benching yesterday, is the bullpen starting to click, and would he change how the order of Greene and Melancon?

Paul told the guys he agreed 100% with Snitker’s benching of Acuña Jr.

“Aboslutely, 100% the right decision.” Byrd said “It happened with Bellinger last year, Dave Roberts, it happened with Andruw Jones and Bobby Cox where Andruw was pulled off in the middle of the game on the field. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a I care about you enough to do this, how this message is sent is important, if he was cussing and screaming and grabbing his jersey that’s the wrong way. If he tells him he has to pull you to teach you the lesson that’s the right way.”

Byrd said the Braves pen could be clicking at the right time.

“I think things run in cycles in baseball.” Byrd said “The bullpen in May and June it was the best bullpen in the league ERA wise, long term I think you’re going to be ok, the key for the Braves being successful at end of the year and playoffs is clicking at the right time, if they click at the right time lookout.”

When asked if he would use Greene, Melancon differently.

“I don’t do anything different than I saw the last two days.” Byrd said “I think Greene can close if you see Melancon back to back days, I like how this bullpen is shaping up, don’t change a thing.”