Falcons: Bad or Just Bad Luck?

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
November 27, 2018 - 11:03 am

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At 4-7 are the Atlanta Falcons bad or a victim of bad luck? Rick runs down some of the more memorable moments from this season. 

  • Aganist the New Orleans Saints earlier this season, Drew Brees beats two Falcons players for a touchdown, bad luck (and execution). 
  • Also versus New Orleans, a Julio Jones fumble pops up and lands in a defender's hands and Calvin Ridley having his Goal Line touchdown ripped out, both bad luck. 
  • Versus Cleveland, everything was just bad playing. 
  • Against the Bengals, Desmond Trufaunt drops a ball that landed right in his hands, bad luck. 
  • Aganist Philly, the Falcons lost Deion Jones and Keanu Neal in one game. That's horrible luck. 

John says it's a mix of both and maybe we over estimated this team. The injuries have depeleated the talent and the secondary level is not what we hoped it could be. 

However, Matt Ryan, Julio and Austin Hooper have had big seasons, but the defensive line has been below average. The linebackers have been below average without Deion Jones. John concludes the entire team has played below expectations and it's a mix of both. 

Click below to hear Rick and John debate if the Falcons are bad or just having a bad-luck season.