Are Falcons willing to lose De’Vondre Campbell?

De'Vondre Campbell leads Falcons in tackles

Duane Walker
January 17, 2020 - 12:36 am

Super agent, Drew Rosenhaus, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Thursday that they have had preliminary discussions with the Atlanta Falcons about De’Vondre Campbell.

Linebacker, De'Vondre Campbell, has been the Falcons leading tackler for the past two seasons. On Duane's Sports Rap, he talks about how Campbell's efforts have been overlooked, recording 363 tackles, averaging over six tackles a game. Atlanta fans would call him the “Jalen Smith” for the Falcons.

The biggest questions Duane poses for the Falcons are, “Do you feel as though the Falcons are going to pay this guy and pay him what he’s worth?... Will he get paid top dollar or test the free agency market?”

Duane states based on experience that players like Campbell  "are more appreciated outside of the Falcons” and doesn’t believe Campbell will get top dollar to stay. The Falcons are willing to lose him to pay for “higher priority contracts”.  

Duane also points out, “Besides the lack of success that Quinn and Dimitroff have had drafting, guys like De’Vondre are a success story. He produces and doesn’t get hurt.”