Which team are you more frustrated with: Braves or United?

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
April 01, 2019 - 12:17 pm

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It was a frustrating weekend for Atlanta sports...

The Atlanta Braves are the only team in Major League Baseball that haven't notched a win in the young season. The were swept by the Philadelphia Phillies over the weekend, being outscored 23-11. 

Meanwhile, Atlanta United failed to score a goal, yet again, in their loss to Columbus Crew SC on Saturday. The remain in last place in the Eastern Conference and are still looking for their first MLS win.

So, which team is more frustrating: Braves or United?

"I think United is most frustrating for me," Jon Chuckery said. "To be four matches in, and half your matches you haven't scored, and you've only scored two goals total...you expect for things to start getting a little bit better."

"It's not so much losing, it's what they're doing out there. You're not scoring. Now you're playing bad defense...It's not must-win coming up but it's time for United to really figure some things out."

While Andy Bunker agrees with Jon about Atlatna United, he says the opening series for the Braves has him the most frustrated. 

"I think that the issues that they have are issues that they could've dealt with," Andy said. "They're self-inflicted issues. It's stuff they chose not to address."

"For the first three games to look the way they looked, and for it to be against that Philly team too; and for (the Phillies) to have spent money too...that's why I'm more frustrated with the Braves this morning."