Quinn isn't the only guy with job on the line

Thomas Dimitroff is on the hot seat too

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
October 15, 2019 - 8:34 am
Falcons Owner Arthur Blank, GM Thomas Dimitroff, and Head Coach Dan Quinn

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While it appears that Dan Quinn's days with the Falcons are limited, with a chance possibly coming before the Week 9 bye, some questions do remain as to whether Thomas Dimitroff's job is on the line.

John Fricke and Hugh Douglas discuss some of the decisions facing Falcons Owner Arthur Blank if he does decide to make changes.

"You're guilty by association," says Hugh Douglas. "Thomas Dimitroff has survived one of these, you don't survive another overhaul"

Hugh continues to share his opinion on some of the decisions that could be facing Arthur Blank in the near future.

It feels like you're trying to separate yourself from the fallout, and if I'm Arthur Blank and I'm going to clean house, I'm cleaning the whole house, everything."