Feldman: Kirby...top recruiter, not top coach yet

Dukes & Bell
March 06, 2019 - 2:48 pm

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Bruce Feldman of the Athletic joined Dukes & Bell to discuss a recent article on the top 25 coaches in college football, Kyler Murray and breaking the Jess Simpson to the Falcons story.

Bruce talked about breaking the story of Jess Simpson leaving the University of Miami to the Falcons.

“I was at the NFL combine over the weekend, been connected with Miami for a while. Ive heard for a while how good of a defensive line coach he is,” Feldman said on Simpson. “Then I heard word that he was leaving UM to go back to the Falcons and, from my understanding, he was going back to not be the DL coach and think it’s a good move for the Falcons from everything I’ve heard.”

Feldman talked about the rumors around Kyler Murray and his dad being over involved.

“I think the challenging thing here is you’re dealing with a grownup who has to lead grown men not college kids,” Feldman said. “By all accounts his dad didn’t become a huge issue at Oklahoma so I don’t see it being one as he gets older. But that’s on the Arizona Cardinals, if they pick him. You’re putting Kliff Kingsbury’s future in the hands of someone who started 15 games in college.”

When asked why he has Kirby Smart at only 12 on his top 25 list.

“At 12 he’s pretty high up. I have him higher than David Shaw, Tom Herman and some really good coaches,” Feldman said. “There’s been a couple of hiccups; they got blown out by LSU last year, by Auburn. He’s a guy that has as much of a chance to shoot up the list as anybody. What I didn’t want to do is over value. This wasn’t 'who is the best recruiters' list; it’s 'who is the best coaches.' It wasn’t like Kirby Smart didn’t take over a program that was winning at a high level. He elevated it for sure. I think this is going to be interesting because in the next two years people are expecting Georgia to make a run at the national title.”