Schultz: Kirby thought Fields could beat out Fromm

Dukes & Bell
January 04, 2019 - 4:54 pm

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Jeff Schultz joined Dukes & Bell gave his thoughts on the Falcons end of season press conference “You always get answers you just don’t know how revealing the answers are, they didn’t really say who they would hire but they were open to it. I don’t know how great a feel I have for the situation right now.”

 Schultz talked about Gary Kubiak being a candidate for the Falcons OC job “You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like Gary Kubiak, he’s very close with Gregg Knapp who is the QB coach here, but the thing is how deep does his friendship go with John Elway and how loyal will he be and the other question is will his wife let him coach again because after his health scare she didn’t want him to coach again.”

Schultz talked with the guys about Julio Jones contract situation this off season “Well if you don’t he’s probably not going to play, they gave him a small bump last year to appease him, I’ll say this they had projected that they would have to do this with Julio this coming season so they’re in a better place to do that this offseason. The one contract that they might have a tough time getting done and it’s no surprise is Grady Jarrett’s because it’s going to be such a big jump for him.”

When asked about Justin Fields transferring from UGA “I didn’t expect he would be out Jake Fromm, I believe Kirby thought he had the talent to beat out Fromm. Fromm didn’t do anything to lose the job, I was surprised with how little they used Justin Fields, having all off season to figure out to use him it never felt like they were comfortable with using him, it’s almost like they didn’t have a plan and were making it up as they go, and I don’t blame Justin Fields for leaving.”