Who is the best GM in Atlanta?

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
August 01, 2018 - 10:39 am

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Rick and John ask: who is the best GM in town? Dimitroff, Eales, Anthopoulos or Schlenk. Came in with audio of Alex Anthopoulos talking about their acquisition of Adam Duvall. John mentioned our Vision Computers Twitter poll asking who the best GM in town is. John put Thomas Dimitroff number one hands down. Rick also gave Dimitiroff the nod for the best GM in Atlanta. Rick also told the United fans he hears them about their squad but they haven’t won anything yet. John ran down some of the missteps by Dimitroff over his tenure as GM and emphasized what he and DQ have done since they have been together. John named Alex Anthopoulos the number two GM in Atlanta based on what he accomplished for the Braves without giving up top prospects. Rick put Darren Eales as the number two GM in Atlanta based on what he accomplished with the United. John says Darren Eales is number three on his list because the presser isn’t there for him like the other GM’s. Rick gave Schlenk some slack calling him one of the greener GM’s on the list and mentioning he is on a three-year tank with the Hawks. ​