Braves, United Fans Just Need To Get Along

WZGC Staff Report
March 03, 2020 - 2:25 am
Atlanta United

Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports


In a city with a rich sporting history, two fan bases are divided and it's unforunate as the respective franchises hold the only championships Atlanta has ever seen. 

Willie P. is not from Atlanta.  

Growing up as his first love being baseball, it's been something you always come to and is there when the calendar flips to April.  That said, sports tastes have evolved and over the course of adulthood, become a very big soccer and hockey fan.  The atmosphere is so much different in soccer than anything. 

As a fan, Atlanta United is the best environment in the city.  There is an interesting divide that is growing between Braves fans and United fans and there was a very interesting article from October of last year, at on this "Great Divide".  

There is very little crossover between these two fanbases and it's kind of sad.  Why do we have to be at a level where we are at odds with people in our city?  The diverse interest and culture here is one of the great things about this city.  The Braves did make a strategic move when moving to Cobb.  It hurt a lot of peoples' feelings, but can we get to a point where we can all coexist?  Atlanta is on the front of the jersey...for both franchises.  We live in an area where people have become uncomfortable getting outside their own comfort zones.  There is no agenda here.  It is possible to love soccer and baseball.