Braves Must Treat Freeman Like Falcons Treat Julio

The Jon Chuckery Show
February 26, 2020 - 2:22 am
Freddie Freeman

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The Atlanta Braves continued Grapefruit League play Tuesday, but Freddie Freeman was scratched from the lineup with soreness in his surgically repaired elbow. 

Drawing a comparison to the Falcons, Matt Ryan is not the best player on the team, but is the most important.  Freeman is the same.  Ronald Acuña Jr. is the best player, but Freeman is the most important.  The way the Falcons handled Julio Jones is the same way the Braves need to handle Freeman. 

They aren't going to win or lose the World Series because of Cole Hamels. But the Braves could win or lose it because of Freddie Freeman.  The Braves, the gem of the division, are the No. 2 betting team for most wins in the National League, just behind the Dodgers.  So, if the Braves need to shut him down, or sit him at the beginning of the season... DO IT.  If he needs more time to rehab, rehab him.  We don't need a banged up Freeman at the end of the season heading into the playoffs. 

Julio Jones takes zero snaps during preseason, exhibition play.  If that's what the Braves need to do with Freeman, then do it.  Shut him down and allow him to get healthy.  You're not winning the World Series with Cole Hamels.  If you mess around with Freeman, you've got a whole world of problems.  It's OK to shut him down.  Protect him from himself.  There is no reason to be risking further damage or injury right now.  If you think he has an irritation and needs a couple of days, sit him for two weeks. 

Acuña is the most talented player on the roster, but Freeman is The. Most. Important.  It may not be a big deal... so don't play him.  If he doens't play, he can't get worse.  He doesn't need to "get ready to play."  He's a 10-year veteran that is one of the top 15 Players in the MLB. 

So, Atlanta Braves... take a page from the Falcons, and shut him down.