Who's gotta go after Braves add 3 relievers at trade deadline?

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
August 01, 2019 - 8:08 am

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The Atlanta Braves and Alex Anthopoulos waited until the very last minute, but they had their say at the MLB trade deadline, and the moves they made should have a serious impact on the team.

John Fricke and Hugh Douglas take a look at the moves, what they do for the bullpen, and who is going to be gone from the team to make room for the new relievers. 

"Can you have three guys come in and slam the door shut and lock the game down? Those three guys are your bullpen," says Fricke. "And the Braves went out and got those three guys in Martin, Greene, and Melancon."

Any time you add three guys you have to make room for them and right now there is some question about who will be moved to create those open roster spaces.

Sean Newcomb appears to be safe, but after that there are about eight guys for three or four spots. John Fricke shared his thoughts on who should stay on the team.

"You know you're going to keep Newcomb, you're going to keep Tomlin, he saved the day yesterday, and then you have to make a decision," says Fricke. "The good news is Luke Jackson, if he stays on the team, will be in a middle relief."