Will Braves regret not signing Kimbrel?

Are they ready to win now?

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
June 06, 2019 - 7:36 am

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Wednesday night Craig Kimbrel went from free agent closer to Chicago Cubs closer as he joined the NL Central leaders on a three-year, $43-million deal.

John Fricke and Hugh Douglas discussed Kimbrel joining the Cubs and why the Braves weren't more interested in acquiring Kimbrel. They began the conversation looking at the Braves and if they are ready to win immediately.

"Here's what I don't get. You're either ready to win now and you're going to go out and make the moves that are necessary, and even if Kimbrel is a risk, it's a risk worth taking," Fricke says. "If you're not ready to win now, there's no reason to even be talking about Kimbrel and Keuchel, just let the young kids pitch."

Hugh Douglas focuses on the closer role maybe not being the biggest concern right now for the Braves. 

"Your plan has not worked out," said Douglas. "You thought that Folty was going to be a solid guy. That Gausman and Newcomb you could depend on. There were talks about Kimbrel early on, but then it because a conversation about Keuchel, because now you need starting pitching."

Hugh also wonders how big a role Kimbrel would have anyway if the team isn't quite ready to stack up with the league's best.

"When you look at the product on the field, we have some good, quality players, but you aren't there," Hugh stated. "We saw a small sample size of that against the Dodgers. We're trying to say that Craig Kimbrel is the end-all, be-all, and that's not the case because even with Kimbrel, the way that our starting pitching has been, Craig Kimbrel might not even be in a position to save a game."