Byrd: Fried could be the next Kershaw

Dukes & Bell
April 12, 2019 - 5:50 pm

FOX Sports South Braves analyst Paul Byrd joined Dukes & Bell Friday to talk about the umpiring issues on Thursday night, Ozzie Albies' new contract, and who he compared Max Fried to.

Byrd talked about the umpiring issues on Thursday night. 

“There’s pitches that are on the outside corner that may go 50-50, but when you throw a pitch six inches off the plate that’s not supposed to be called," said the former Braves pitcher. "When you call those pitches strikes all game and only one way that makes everyone uncomfortable, and I would have liked to seen that game called differently.”

When asked about the Ozzie Albies contract extension...

“I do see both sides of this 100 percent,” Byrd said. “I think the Braves got a bargain. That being said, if he runs down to first tonight and tears his knee up he has $35 million. He is living his dream, he loves playing for the Braves, he just signed a contract that is good enough for him and his family. Ozzie knows these numbers like everyone else, and it was good enough for him and we get to watch him and Acuña play together every night for the foreseeable future and that’s a win for everyone.”

Byrd talked about Max Fried’s performance this year on the mound.

“We were hard on Anthopoulos, and wanting him to make a move,” Byrd said. “Could you believe if Fried was doing this for another team? He could be the next Kershaw. His stuff has been the best I’ve seen so far this year. His stuff is beating everybody. His curveball, which is supposed to be his best pitch, looks like his fourth best pitch at times. His stuff is electric.”