Braves pitching has no reason to fear Bryce Harper

Dukes & Bell
June 14, 2019 - 6:44 pm

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The Braves open a weekend series against the Phillies tonight as first place could be on the line with their division lead only at 1 ½ games over their rivals. Dukes & Bell talked about the Braves pitching staff coming into the game, and should the Braves pitch to Bryce Harper?

Carl said the Braves should not be afraid of Bryce Harper in this series.

“We’ve won seven straight, Fried gets the ball tonight.” Dukes said “He gave us six innings in his last start and if he gives another start like that this series could be off to a great start, Sean Newcomb is starting to look good and it could give us another guy. The Braves should pitch to Bryce Harper in this series, he’s not hitting and I’m not scared of him.”

Mike talked about Mike Foltynewicz will have to pitch himself out of this funk.

“Folty has to get his stuff together now.” Bell said “Because the team needs him and I think the only way he might be able to do that is just pitch his way out of it.”