Braves pitching still a fluid situation

Dukes & Bell
May 21, 2019 - 6:07 pm

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After another great outing from rookie Mike Soroka, Dukes & Bell talked about his performance this season and how the Braves have yet to settle with the bullpen.

Carl said that Soroka had a great outing last night, but he loves how the team hasn’t settled on the bullpen.

“Last night you got a great performance from Mike Soroka,” Dukes said. “We have seen 18 different pitchers out of the bullpen this year, and this is something I like it because they’re not afraid to move guys if they’re not getting it done.”

Mike thinks the team is one starter away from a solid rotation.

“This was the old school, Greg Maddux National League style game,” Bell said. “Soroka was dealing, this is everything you want to see, plus it keeps the bullpen out of the mix. Soroka and (Max) Fried are solid right now, if (Mike) Folty (newicz) could get it going, you’re going to have a great rotation.”