Braves skeptical about offer Kimbrel long-term deal

Thomas Mott
May 26, 2019 - 10:40 pm

Gary A. Vasquez


Thomas Mott had Paul Crane in studio and they talked about the Atlanta Braves and their interest in Craig Kimbrel.

Thomas also talked about how the deal for Kimbrel may be broken down. The Braves are thought to be offering Kimbrel a deal that may include one or two years. The Braves seem to be skeptical on giving Kimbrel a long-term deal and this may stop the deal from ever coming into fruition.

Paul also gave us some insight into Dallas Kuechel and that the  New York Yankees may have interest in signing him. The Yankees management got the OK to go into the luxury tax in order to sign Kuechel.

The Yankees may have other deals on the table that have slowed or may have even stopped it from happening.