Atlanta Braves: To trade or not to trade?

Noah Seth Syndergaard (Thor) to the Atlanta Braves

Robb Tribble
July 28, 2019 - 4:22 pm

The trade deadline for Baseball is quickly approaching, July 31, and the Atlanta Braves need to take advantage of this opportunity with these sudden injuries.

Many fans think the Braves should add a batter to their roster. Others say the bench is too deep and that’s not the issue.

There is even talk of getting a closer. But Robb Tribble points out that you can’t get a closer if your starters aren’t good. 

“If your starting pitcher isn’t that good then your closer will be like the Maytag repair man – not much to do,”  says Tribble. Tribble is rooting for the Braves to get a batter or find a way to get both.

The Braves have shown interest in Noah Syndergaard (Thor), pitcher from the New York Mets. For the trade, the Mets want a replacement rotation pitcher and a few top prospects. Is Alex Anthopolous willing to do that to bring Thor to Atlanta?

Anthopoulos may have to part with someone and spend some big bucks in the trade. Right now, pitchers are in high demand. Since 12-14 teams are looking for pitchers, it won’t be cheap.

Is Liberty Media willing to spend what it takes or keep trusting what we have here already?