Braves will get the most from Acuna in leadoff spot

Dukes & Bell
February 20, 2019 - 5:25 pm

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With Spring Training officially underway as all position players have now reported, what will the Atlanta Braves batting order look like in 2019. Will Ronald Acuna Jr. stay at the leadoff spot like he wants? Who will be batting cleanup?

Dukes and Bell try to answer these questions and more.

Carl Dukes talked about the flexibility the team will have with the addition of third baseman Josh Donaldson and that he believes Acuna should stay at the leadoff spot.

“We are at a spot where we have some flexibility with our lineup," said Dukes. "I’m of the thought that we are going to get the most from Acuna from the leadoff spot. And with Donaldson in the lineup, we’re getting our best hitters the most at-bats. If we’re getting three or four runs a night you’re not going to be putting as much pressure on your starting pitchers.”


Mike Bell believes that second baseman Ozzie Albies could be key to the lineup in the middle.

 “As long as [Nick] Markakis can give what he gave you during the first half of the season, I’m OK with him at cleanup," said Bell. "With Acuna, Donaldson, [and Freddie] Freeman, Markakis being your top four if Albies starts raking is he a guy you’re OK with at the fifth spot?”