A legit Ravens vs. Falcons conspiracy theory

The Midday Show
December 03, 2018 - 1:30 pm

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Every Monday Rick and John Tell the Truth about their weekend in sports. 

Rick come strong with a conspiracy theory in the Falcons vs. Ravens game in Atlanta. Saturday afternoon, the Georgia Bulldogs tried a fake punt vs. Alabama. It was a miserable failure that lead to Alabama taking the 2018 SEC Championship.

The next day the Falcons hosted Baltimore who also attempted a fake punt, however the Ravens were successful. Rick thinks this was a direct jab at sports in the state of Georgia.

Furthermore, Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome attended what school? Thats right, the same school that just beat the Bulldogs less than 24 hours earlier on the same field, Alabama. 

Rick continues that the SEC viewership was the best rated game all season and this gave the Ravens more of a chance to jab at Georgia and remind them of the greatness that is Alabama.

Do you agree? Click below to listen to Ricks Conspiracy Theory.