Tribble on Falcons' draft "Butts are on the line!"

Falcons draft Chris Lindstrom 14th

April 27, 2019 - 1:24 pm

Robb Tribble and Harper LeBel react to two first round draft picks for the Atlanta Falcons. In the first round the Falcons selected two offensive lineman: Guard Chris Lindstrom from Boston College and tackle Kaleb McGary out of Washington. Tribble shows heavy concern with both draft picks while Harper tries to explain why Lindstrom is a great pick. Tribble feels as baffled and confused as some of the Falcons’ fans looked on a video that was posted on social media Thursday night.

Tribble’s first thoughts when the Falcons announced that they would be drafting an offensive lineman were one of disgust, “We said in Thomas we trust, In Dan we trust, and in Arthur we trust. They better trust themselves because their butts are on the line this year!”

Lindstrom was not who Harper thought the Falcons would pick. However, Harper explains why Lindstrom makes sense for the Falcons. Harper says his size and versatility may have been the deciding factor, “Teams that drafted before went smaller and faster so we can not go heavy. We have to protect our quarter back but he can not be 340lbs... He can play tackle and guard and answers a lot of questions for the Falcons. Can he play kick off return? Is he great on short yardage? Can we use him at the goal line?”

Tribble is still skeptical and thinks the Lindstrom pick is contradictory to the Falcons’ free agent signings of Jamon Brown and James Carpenter.