Houston Cougars defensive tackle Ed Oliver

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Report: Falcons considering trading up to draft DT

It's NFL draft rumor season...

March 27, 2019 - 2:36 pm

For the next 29 days until the Arizona Cardinals are officially on the clock, rumors will fly around NFL draft circles; some unsubstantiated, some very much real. With the owners and general managers in Phoenix for the annual NFL spring meetings, it's impossible for gossip not to leak.

NFL Draft Report publisher Dave-Te' Thomas spoke to 92-9 The Game anchor Paul Crane on their Scout's Honor podcast about a draft nugget being whispered around the spring meetings.

Could the Atlanta Falcons be working on a move up into the top 10 of the NFL draft?

Thomas heard that the Falcons and Detroit Lions are working to negotiate a win-win type deal for both teams to get the player they crave.

"It's a matter of not only trading up to get a guy that they covet," said Thomas about the Falcons, "but also a team looking to trade down to get a guy that they covet."

Apparently Detroit really wants to target Iowa tight end T.J. Hockenson but feels the No. 8 pick might be a bit high to draft him. The Falcons are looking for a stud at defensive tackle to pair with Grady Jarrett, but aren't sure if Ed Oliver will be around when they pick at 14.

"Detroit may be more than willing to move down knowing that they can get the tight end," said Thomas. "Atlanta could move up into the top 10 and get the defensive tackle that they need to wreak havoc along with Jarrett next season."

What kind of pick would Oliver be for the Falcons? Thomas compared the Houston star to a former Atlanta defensive lineman.

"If you go back years ago, they had a guy they took out of Iowa, Jonathan Babineaux," said Thomas. "I look at Ed Oliver as being in the same type of mold.

Babinueax played 12 seasons in Atlanta, while notching 91 tackles for loss with 27 sacks.

The price tag for moving up to the eighth pick for the Falcons would be pricey, said Thomas. 

"If you look to move up from 14 to 8, it's probably going to cost you you're number 14, it's probably going to cost you a third-rounder and a Day 3 in order to do that," said Thomas.