Will Takk be back to play the Saints?

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
September 18, 2018 - 11:29 am

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Coming off the Falcons win over the Panthers, Rick and John reacted to sound from Coach Dan Quinn’s Press Monday Conference. They kick the sound off with DQ talking about how the team had improvements in the more important areas, which Rick thinks he meant Duke Riley, who needs to step his game up and stay in his lane. John told Rick that the Falcons will need to defend Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas the most when the Falcons play the Saints Sunday.

We heard from Dan Quinn on how Ito Smith had a good game out of the backfield Sunday being able to stick his foot in the ground and get vertical. They move to the injuries and DQ mentiones whether or not Steven Means will be needed Sunday against the Saints and he won’t have that answer for a few days. We heard from DQ on the Kazee ejection on how they supported the call from the league and they will work with Kazee to get his game right moving forward. We heard DQ break down the injuries to Levitre, Shelby and McKinley and told the media he would have an update Wednesday.

Click below to hear Rick and John react to DQ's Presser.