You don't let guys like Grady Jarrett walk

Dukes & Bell
February 19, 2019 - 6:06 pm

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In the Falcons report, Dukes & Bell talked about whether or not the team should franchise tender Grady Jarrett as Tuesday starts the window that teams are allowed to tag players until March 5.

If the team does tag him, Jarrett would then get paid an average of the top five salaries at the defensive tackle position.

Carl talked about why you have to franchise tag Jarrett if you can’t get a deal done by the franchise tender deadline.

“By franchise tagging him it gives you exclusive rights,” said Dukes. “Because if he hits free agency you have teams that are way under the cap and can pay him more than you. You don’t let guys like Grady Jarrett walk at his age.”


Mike said that players hate being tagged and Jarrett being a top 10 defensive tackle in the NFL.

“This is your one shot to get the monster deal. On the short term you would get paid top 5 money, you don’t get the guaranteed money, and what if you get hurt during this season.” Bell said “He’s not Aaron Donald but he’s one of the top 7 to 10 defensive tackles in the league.”