Falcons Did Everything Right Today

Thomas Mott
March 17, 2020 - 1:02 am
Thomas Dimitroff

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The Falcons won today.  

"The Falcons did everything right today," said Thomas.  "Day 1 of the new NFL year, the Falcons knocked it out of the park.  Getting rid of [Devonta] Freeman was the right thing for being your third-best running back and would have cost too much money. Austin Hooper, same story."

You will see Hayden Hurst put up similar numbers as Austin Hooper because he has never played with a QB like Matt Ryan. 

The Falcons put themselves in this situation.  They made a ton of bad moves that put them in a terrible cap situation. 

The reports are out there. The Falcons are interested in signing a pass-rusher, particularly Robert Quinn from Dallas, who had double-digit sack numbers last season. 

We need to give them credit where credit is due.