Atlanta Falcons early arrival in Arizona

Atlanta Falcons defense is too passive

Duane Walker
October 10, 2019 - 2:02 am

The Falcons’ fans' hopes are crushed as the Atlanta Falcons are 1- 4 starting the season. The Falcons are not new to injury as wide receiver Julio Jones and corner back Desmond Trufant are listed on the injury report for week 6 against the Arizona Cardinals. 

Dan Quinn's focus this year on rebuilding the team was an aggressive and healthy defense but Falcons fans see the Atlanta curse beginning rumble. When addressing the Falcons’ situation even in preseason, winning should be a priority, "When you’re talking about winning Championships, you instill the importance of winning... Right. From. The rip." says Duane.

 Duane believes all around as a town in Atlanta, we have a passive attitude- besides our MLS Champions: Atlanta United. 

Falcons have not met up to Duane and many fans expectations. Falcons’ defense has not been attacking the oppositions’ quarter back. Duane thinks the Falcons are too content, "(they) need to be more aggressive... why are we dropping back in the zone… How can the Falcons be fast and physical?”

The frustration with the Atlanta Falcons has not only swept over the city but the team. The team is in Arizona early to iron out the kinks before kick off Sunday at 4:05pm.