Falcons eventually have to draft O-linemen in first rounds, right?

The Bunker Mentality
March 12, 2019 - 9:25 pm

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports


Andy talked about the significance of the moves that the Falcons made today. The Falcons signed two guards on the offensive line. Bunker thinks that Thomas Dimitroff is unwilling to try something different. Like drafting an offensive lineman to have some long term stability at the position.

Dimitroff doesn't think that offensive lineman are prepared enough to come in and play right away for whatever reason. Therefore he looks to guys that have played against NFL competition. Andy's response to that was 'It was Peter Konz in second and Lamar Holmes in the third, and it blew up in his face'. That is the real reason Bunker thinks Dimitroff will not draft offensive linemen early on in the draft.