Falcons fall to the Saints; Who you mad at?

Mark Owens
November 23, 2018 - 11:33 am

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An ugly loss to the New Orleans Saints resulted in a season-over verdict for the Atlanta Falcons, barring a miracle.

So we ask, who are you mad at?

  • John is mad at Deadrin Senat for not playing. He was listed on the inactive list, but we don't know why? There was no information about an injury. 
  • John is also fired up at the Falcons offensive line. They couldn't get any kind of run game going and failed to protect Matt Ryan throughout the game. 
  • Rick is mad at Steve Sarkisian. He play-calling was too consertative and in the last three games, the Falcons have been held to fewer than 20 points. Is the shine coming off Steve Sarkisian as the Falcons OC?

Click below to hear Rick and John break down the Falcons loss to the Saints.