Fast Facts with Equifax, Episode 001: Falcons finish preseason 0-4

Knox Bardeen
August 31, 2018 - 1:43 am

Atlanta fell to the Miami Dolphins Thursday, 34-7, as the preseason came to a merciful end for the Falcons, who went 0-4 heading into the games that count in 2018.

After the game, Knox Bardeen turned the camera on and blasted out four "Fast Facts with Equifax," a segment we'll run every home game from the 92-9 The Game radio booth. In this first episode, Knox hit on the Falcons' winless record, the interesting schedule for Week 1, offensive stars we missed during the preseason and who might be on edge over the next day or two:

  1. The Falcons 0-4 preseason start means nothing... or does it? Twice in recent memory, the Falcons went winless in the regular season and made it to the playoffs. And remember last year when the Cleveland Browns went 4-0 in the preseason and then proceeded to Browns their ways to an 0-16 season? There's no rhyme or reason to preseason success equalling playoff success. To further back that up, three teams have gone winless in the preseason (Washington Redskins (1982), Buffalo Bills (1990), New York Giants (2000)) and made it to the Super Bowl. Washington won on its trip, Buffalo and New York lost.
  2. The regular season starts Friday. The first week will be a unique week for Atlanta who plays Thursday in Philadelphia. Normally the team would get Friday through Sunday off before starting the regular season week on a Monday. The Falcons must start preparing fewer than 24 hours after the preseason officially ended, and that'll throw a monkey wrench into some of their planning for the Philadelphia Eagles.
  3. Julio and Devonta's debut can't get here quick enough. First action for Julio Jones & Devonta Freeman should likely happen in Philadelphia for Week 1. Jones and Freeman have logged exactly zero preseason reps for the Falcons, but Jones says he's healthier than he's ever been in the NFL and Freeman has marveled at how well he's prepared this preseason.
  4. There will be no sleep for the bubble guys for the 53-man roster. The Falcons must cut from 90 to 53 by Saturday and a few guys will be on edge until they find out their fates. Reggie Davis dropped a ball in the first half. He also had a very questionable fair-catch call with nobody within 15 yards of him and dropped a pass to start the second half. If he was on the team prior to Thursday, he may have played his way off. Jonathan Celestin, Justin Zimmer and Matt Gono are a few of the other bubble guys. Will they survive the Falcons' cut down to 53?