Learning to return from injury, a new experience for Allen

And the moment he found out he was participating Day 1...

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
July 23, 2019 - 1:23 pm

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Heading into Day 1 of Atlanta Falcons training camp, we were unsure if we would see Ricardo Allen back on the practice field. 

The Falcons free safety had not participated in on-field activities since tearing his Achilles back in Week 3 of the 2018 season. So when we saw No. 37 on the field on Monday, we were surprised. 

Allen told the Midday Show with Andy and Randy that he was equally as surprised to learn he was cleared to participate on Day 1.

"I always felt good, ya know, going through my training and my rehab and stuff like that," Allen said. "I always felt really good. But I never knew the load I was going to take."

"You know I was hoping that it was going to be a surprise that I was able to get out on the field and start the first day, but I didn't know if they was going to clear me or not so when I heard that I actually had some plays man, I was pretty excited about it." 

And when did he officially learn he'd be out on the practice field?

"Man, probably right before I was going to get um--like I found out right in the meetings, right before I was going to go on the field, that I had some reps in practice, and I was like 'oh man, it's time to go!' Everybody kind of looked at me and was like 'let's go then."​

Allen tore his left Achilles in overtime in a loss against the Saints on September 23. It was the first major injury of his career. He wanted to not only get back to the field for himself, but for his kids.

"My mindset was just, I have babies at home," Allen said. "They ain't never really seen me--this is my first time going through an injury so they ain't never really seen me down."

"If I'm going to be the one who preach to them and talk to them later on in life when it's time for them--because they're going to go through some hard times. Everything ain't going to always be easy. I'm always one of the ones who's telling everybody to keep going, always trying to build everybody up. I always got good spirits when things are going good for me. I wanted to see what kind of player, what kind of person I was when things got tough."

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