Why Grady is More Important than Julio for the Falcons

Thomas Mott
July 16, 2019 - 1:17 am

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Grady Jarrett had to be signed today or else have to play under the Franchise Tag.  Thomas Mott posits that Jarrett is more important than Julio Jones, moving forward for the Falcons. 

Receivers don't win championships. You may not want to admit it -- and star wide receivers can get you there, however -- when you look at winning championships, a star defensive tackle is far more important than a star wide receiver.  The fear was that Julio Jones would be prioritized over Grady.  

Fans would all say, "get Julio done first!", but that's the wrong answer.  Remember, look at past Super Bowl winners.  They all have star D-linemen.  They are crucial to winning Super Bowls and the Falcons did the right thing.  Reports today also say a Deion Jones contract is in the works as well.  Julio is still going to get his deal...but this tells fans and the league...we're here for the long term and we're here to win.  Falcons dodged a bullet!  The Falcons needed to get this done and came through in the clutch.