Falcons expectations vs. reality against Green Bay

The Midday Show
December 07, 2018 - 10:46 am

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Rick and John prepare for the Falcons heading to Green Bay and want to know your expectations vs. reality. 

John has an expectations that the Falcons can win this game and sees that GB is not that good offensively which would allow Matt Ryan to have a good game. 

Rick reminds the Falcons fans that Atlanta has owned Green Bay as of late, so he wants to know who has their game plan together more? Both Atlanta and Green Bay are in mourning of the season being over, so who's head is still in the game? 

Rick wants to see the Falcons protect Matt, but expects him to get sacked. Rick wants Julio to have a big day, but worries that he will get pressured. Rick wants Beasley to have 2 sacks, but thinks he will have none, finally, he wants Sark to be a creative play caller, but thinks it will be a consertative play calling plan. 

John thinks Julio is gonna have a big day because he typically plays well vs. GB. John wants to see a shootout between Ryan and Rodgers and he thinks we will get a shootout. John wants to see the D line hold GB to under 100 yeards, but he thinks they will end up with over 120. 

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