Do Falcons actually have pieces for a Super Bowl run?

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
July 19, 2019 - 8:45 am

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When you look around the Atlanta (and Athens) sports teams one could argue that many of them have a real shot to win a championship this season. John Fricke and Hugh Douglas answer that question as it pertains to the Falcons. 

"They have the roster to get that done. Look at this high powered offense, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Freeman, they have enough to score," says Hugh Douglas. "They're probably going to be favored offensively in most games they're going to be in, scoring a lot more points than their opponent and playing with a lead. The defense doesn't need to be the Baltimore Ravens, but thye do need to be opportunistic. They have to go out there and put the offense back on the field."

John Fricke feels that the team is very aware of the possibilities this season even if they won't openly admit or discuss it.

"They would never mention this, but I think you see some of the things that Arthur Blank has given them the green light to do. Extending Grady, Deion, possibly Julio, allowing Quinn to totally change the coaching staff, I think all of this points to the confidence of a team opening camp n Monday with a team that thinks it can do really big things this year."