Jake Matthews: Still have faith in DQ to make right adjustments

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
December 05, 2018 - 1:47 pm

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Falcons Tackle Jake Matthews joins Rick and John live from Flowery Branch. 

They kick it off with Jake describing the conversation inside the meeting room and how they all know the job their doing in the field isn't getting it done and they will do what they can to get back on the right tracks. Jake admitted that playing in the NFL you have to bring it every week and there are studs on every team they play.

Jake talked about how much it sucked to lose Andy and Fusco for the year but they have a lot of trust for the guys who are taking their place. Jake sidestep a question about the arrow pointing down for his cousin Clay Matthews and said that clay is a finisher and it will be a challenge to face them at Lambeau field.

Jake told us he would be shocked if the defense changed for the Packers this week but expects there to be so small changes that they have to be prepared for Sunday. Jake said the bottom line is for them to win every week and if something isn't working then DQ will make adjustments to make it happen for hem to have the vest formula on the field.

Jake told his mindset is to always get better and he learned that from his HOF dad Bruce Matthews. Jake said sleeves will be off this weekend and said no one in his family wear sleeves in the cold and if he did he would catch crap for it.

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