Oluokun: Have to be dialed in every play

Dukes & Bell
December 10, 2018 - 5:33 pm

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Foye Oluokun joined Dukes & Bell “My passion was always sports growing up, I did school as a secondary thing my Dad always made me keep my mind there, but sports is always what I wanted to do.”

 Foye told the guys how he ended up at an Yale “My recruiting story is kind of weird, I had Ezekiel Elliott in my class so people would always come and watch, my dad was keeping recruiting letters from me, my Coach Gus Frerotte sat me down and told me I could play at the next level, he asked me where I wanted to go and I told I always wanted to go to an Ivy league school so he put some film together for me.”

 Oluokun talked about playing linebacker in the NFL “Playing a new position I was kind of frantic, playing more games in the NFL, I’ve mentally tried to look at it like a new season and use some of the things that I learned earlier in the season.”

When asked about the difference from college to the pros Oluokun said “How dialed in you have to be every week, every opponent you play each week is the best athlete you will ever play, you can’t hide out there, you have to bring your A game each and every play.”