Falcons Need to be like Packers

Thomas Mott
January 22, 2020 - 1:00 am
Arthur Blank | Thomas Dimitroff

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Yesterday on the Morning Show, Willie P and I debated what parts of the Chiefs and 49ers we would like to see on the Atlanta Falcons.

Naturally, Will said the 49er pass rush where as I said the 49er running attack.

Both are correct and both would be welcome additions to a Falcons squad that struggled to sack the QB and finished in the basement of the league in rushing yet again this year.

Here’s the deal, there’s no chance the Falcons can duplicate the 49ers pass rush or running game in one offseason. It just can’t happen. San Francisco took multiple years to draft those guys and build that roster.

However, there is another team that played this past Sunday that we should look at as a blueprint for the Falcons 2020 offseason. The Green Bay Packers.

Let me explain.

Two season ago Green Bay finished 7-9. That year the Packers were 22nd in rushing, 9th in passing, 18th in total defense, and had one player with double-digit sacks (Kyler Frackrell 10.5 sacks). They also fired their Head Coach and saw Aaron Rodgers age a little bit before their eyes but still threw 25 touchdowns, 13 of which were to his star WR Devonte Adams.

Sound familiar Falcons fans?

The 2018 Packers are a near carbon copy of our 2019 Falcons. Missed the playoffs, no running game and a bad defense.

Now, the point of this segment is to show how a few changes inside Green Bay turned them from a 7-win team to a 13-win team.

All Green Bay did this offseason was sign and draft a few O-linemen, sign two good pass rushers in Za’Darius and Preston Smith and commit to running the football behind a young running back named Aaron Jones.

This offseason for our Falcons is not rocket science. Find a way to add two good pass rushers via free agency and the Draft and commit to the running game.

Good defense is winning in the NFL right now. All four of the final four teams have a good defense and three of the final four teams have an elite running game.

The Falcons are not years away from being good again. Add some pass rushers, draft a younger running back and commit to giving him the football and you’ll be fine. Matt Ryan is still Matt Ryan and Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley are still there on the outside.

You don’t have to dreamily wish you could be like San Francisco Falcon fans, because guess what?  It’s nearly impossible to be that good in one year. However, you can duplicate what the Packers did just a year ago with your own offseason and it might just be better.