Nate Burleson: Falcons must stop under-utilizing Julio Jones

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
September 13, 2018 - 11:07 am

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Nate Burleson, from NFL on CBS and the NFL Network, joined The Midday Show with Rick and John Thursday to preview Sunday's Atlanta Falcons versus Carolina Panthers game.

Burleson reflected on the recent Falcons injuries and what he thinks the team will, and should, do to overcome not having two Pro-Bowlers available Sunday.

John asks him about the Falcons' offense and what they can do better in Week 2. Burleson immediately referenced Julio Jones. He thinks the Falcons need to utilize him more. Jones has the strength, size and dominance to help, but the Falcons don't do enough right off the snap to take advantage of his skills. Burleson also talked about how the Falcons need to have more pre-snap movement and move Julio around on the line of scrimmage.

They touched on some other notes across the NFL and Nate told us during the offseason he was on Le’Veon Bell's side because he wants players to make as much money as possible for themselves from the league. But when the season started, he was team O-line because Le’Veon needs to be with his teammates.

Burleson mentioned the Saints have an up-and-coming defense and a balanced team on both sides of the ball. He isn’t concerned with the Saints overall, it’s just that they took Fitzpatrick to lightly. ​

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