Falcons are finally playing "Bully Ball"

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
September 17, 2018 - 11:13 am

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It's a Falcons Monday and Rick and John react to the Dirty Birds win over Carolina in Week 2. Rick loved that the Falcons are trying out Bully Ball more this season. John was impressed with the Falcons play calling based on how he went for it after they continuously ran the ball. John liked the decisiveness in the red zone and how they went 4-4 on the day. They talk about the QB play and John was happy to see Matt Ryan spread the ball around the field and Steve Sarkisian went into his bag of tricks to help propel the Offense to a win.

They referenced the biggest turning point of the game and John praised Brandon Fusco for his play and thinks the Falcons were right to let Poe go based on how he played. They show a little concern as John read a tweet from Takk McKinley that just said ‘ This Sucks’ which the guys took to mean that he will probably miss some time. Finally, we get the first Victory song of the season.

Click below to listen to Rick and john break down the Falcons win and to hear John's Victory Song.  ​