Ridley: 'I’m getting comfortable'

Dukes & Bell
September 24, 2018 - 5:32 pm

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Calvin Ridley joined Wes Durham and Dave Archer on the Dan Quinn Coaches Show Monday from Flowery Branch. Ridley talked to the guys about the game Sunday.

“I feel pretty good about how I played, but unfortunately we didn’t get the win,” said the rookie receiver.

Ridley talked about how he comfortable he is right now.

“When I first got here I felt comfortable, but I was still learning the plays," said Ridley. "But now I feel comfortable with the plays and knowing where Matt [Ryan] wants me to be, so I’m getting comfortable.”

When asked about how he works on his craft by watching other players...

“I always watched other guys who were better than me, I still do it," said Ridley. "If I watch something I can do it. I practice this stuff in the offseason, I practice the cuts, I do leg workouts to help me make the cuts so I can get open in all kinds of ways.”

Calvin talked to the guys about the route he ran on his third touchdown catch.

“I had a swirl route I ran it," said Ridley. "I saw Matt scramble out so whoever the quarterback is I’m going to finish the play. So I just ran around and caught it. I caught it; I was like that’s a touchdown, and then by the end of the replay I didn’t know if I caught it or not.”