Julio is about to get paid thanks to Antonio Brown

Carl Dukes
March 11, 2019 - 11:40 am

Julio Jones is about to get paid, and Carl Dukes is giving out the 411 in Monday's "The Dukes Dump."

Julio didn't like to see receivers who were less than him getting paid more. He was a disgruntled last year.

The Falcons said they would adjust his contract. They found him some money. And Julio was right. He was underpaid at that contract. He still is under his current contract.

The Falcons are going to help him get a new contract... At what cost?

Over the weekend the Pittsburgh Steelers gave up on Antonio Brown. 

Brown got $30 million guaranteed with the Oakland Raiders. His contract is worth $19.8 million per year on average.

The average on Julio's old contract was $14 million.

Hey Julio, you're about to get a big bump.

The reason is simple. The Falcons said they'd take care of him when it was time.

"Hey Falcons... tick, tick, tick," said Dukes. It's time."

The NFL has changed. It's a players league; a star players league. If you're a star in the NFL, you can get away with a lot. If you're disgruntled, that's fine. 

Julio is in the same position as Brown. He's just got to sit back and chill. Brown set the bar.