Rich McKay: MBS is a good and bad place for Falcons fans

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
August 30, 2018 - 11:52 am

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on the one year anniversary of the opening of MBS. Rich talked about the exhausting process of building and opening MB Stadium and how they were constantly making decisions on the final product. Between the Falcons, United and concerts over 3 Million fans walked throught the gates of the Billion Dollar Stadium. Good news for Atlanta fans is that the Benz is not finished and will never be finished because Mr. Blank is willing to make changes as they go to keep the stadium in the best shape and unto date as possible.

Another element they are excited about is the Home Depot Backyard, which will be built in the former home of the Dome. Rich is most excited of the park in the HD Backyard that will be for more than tailgating, but for the residents of the Westside. The other element of MBS is the retractable roof and Rich described the policy of the Falcons as to when the roof will be open for day and night games and how the weather will ultimately decide when the roof will open. 

Another issue Rich talks about regarding the Falcons last season is getting the fans in their seats for kickoffs and during the game. Rich said part of the problem was because they let people in the building so much earlier than when they were in the Dome and MBS has more to do and see.

Finally, they talk about the team and Rich praised the Falcons Veterans and believes they are all in a really good place. Rich described Julio Jones as the healthiest he has seen in a while and can't wait to see him and the offense do their thing on the field. Rich praised the team for their season last year and being able to make the playoffs after the debacle of the SB loss and gave all credit to the players for not giving in and putting forth their best effort. 

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