Lindstrom solely playing RG, for now

Dukes & Bell
July 24, 2019 - 3:51 pm
Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman Chris Lindstrom

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Atlanta Falcons rookie guard Chris Lindstrom joined Dukes & Bell Wednesday to talk about his first training camp, how he’s adapting to the city, and his relationship with Kaleb McGary.

“It’s amazing. I just love being with these guys and love being an Atlanta Falcon,” Lindstrom said. “Together we just keep getting better every single day. I just try to come out here and have a plan to do and really, as a unit, we have a plan to do. It's that same feeling of excitement and joy of being drafted, it’s really that same feeling but it's turned toward football now. I just love getting better at football and love being part of a team. [It's] still the same feeling, just channeled into a different direction."

“I’m just trying to stay focused in the now,” Lindstrom said. “That’s just getting better every single day at what I need to do to help our unit, and together so we can be a great offensive line. Just handling my role and trying to master it and be on top of everything that’s asked of me, and trying to be a true master of the offensive and we keep working on the technique every single day.”

"I'm only playing right guard right now, but I'm trying to learn everything," said the rookie first-rounder. "The more you can do, the better it is. And [I'm] trying to be more helpful for the team and the better we are together, the more I can do."

Mike asked Lindstrom to explain what the Atlanta offense is trying to do in the zone blocking scheme.

“We’re just trying to run off the ball and really come off hard and really hit our runs and accelerate and finish," said Lindstrom. "So that’s what we’re trying to do in the zone. We're just trying to get better together in every single run and master whatever the details of that play [are] to master. And that's a great opportunity of camp and walkthroughs and constantly in meetings is that you're able to hone in on all your abilities and really target it and focus it toward whatever the play is."

Carl Dukes asked how the bonding has been going with Lindstrom and the Falcons' other first-rounder Kaleb McGary.

“Kaleb and I have a great relationship,” Lindstrom said “The more time we get to spend with each other it just keeps developing and growing. Same with all the other rookies. We're spending so much time with those guys and we're really loving each other. The five of us we go and sit, we'll have dinner and lunch and constantly work. We'll go sit in the sauna with each other at night. It's a really cool thing. I just love being part of a team with all these guys."​